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David Baturin: A Legacy of Love and Courage



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Remembering David

In the face of adversity, David Baturin stood as a testament to unwavering courage and profound love, embodying the scripture's ultimate truth that there is no greater act of love than laying down one's life for another.


Born in Kiev, Ukraine

May 20th, 1997

David Baturin, at the young age of 26, exemplified the virtues of courage, faith, and selflessness. Growing up in Columbus Ohio, and a proud former U.S. Marine, David carried his service-driven spirit into the heart of the Russia-Ukraine War. Knowing full well the perils that lay ahead, his resolve remained unshaken, driven by his profound belief in Christ and the scripture's message of ultimate love through sacrifice. Tragically, on October 7, 2023, David's life was cut short in an enemy bombing attack at 8:13 am Ukrainian time. His heroic sacrifice, born from the greatest form of love, stands as a beacon of hope and bravery. While he may be gone, David's legacy endures, inspiring love and courage in all who were privileged to know him and those who will hear of his noble story.

His Life


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